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My approach to physical fitness is a little different. I’ve been at the gym every week for the past 12+ years and I believe that STRENGTH TRAINING is the most fun + sustainable way to train the human body. I also believe that getting in the best shape of your life is about BALANCE and MOVEMENTSTRENGTH TRAINING will improve your everyday life. From your energy levels, to your mood, to the way you move and ultimately the way you feel about yourself. Now, lets talk about BALANCE and MOVEMENT:


BALANCE – an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

For me, balance starts with your core. I believe in training the body from the inside out, PLANK LIFE. So when we get started we’ll really hit your core and begin the process of strengthening your mid-section while eliminating excess body fat around your waist. I’ll study your movement patterns and together we’ll find any muscle imbalances you may have. This is how we’ll lay a solid foundation, so you can remain upright and steady. Balance also applies to the foods you decide to put on your plate. Core exercises alone will not get you a Six-Pack! You heard it before: “Abs are made in the kitchen.” People ask me all the time, “COACH, what kinds of foods do you eat?” and I tell them – “I eat a little bit of everything but mostly greens, nuts and fruit.” I don’t meal prep every day or week and I don’t always say no to cake at a party – But 95% of the time it’s “No thank you” and we keep it pushing.


In this game, ratios matter. So remember, you want to eat more natural foods than processed foods and you want to drink more water + tea than juice, alcohol or wine – And side-eye to you coffee drinkers! Caffeine may be the most highly distributed and addictive legal drug. Remember, liquids got Nutrition Facts too! Watch them sugar levels and don’t drink all your calories away – Eat them. And when you eat the right foods, you and your stomach will feel satisfied.


MOVEMENT – a change or development

For me, MOVEMENT has been a cure for injuries and stress. I believe MOVEMENT is the second most important thing besides BALANCE. Each workout I design includes a variation of training modalities such as Calisthenics, High Intensity Interval Training, Metabolic Training and TRX Training in order to challenge your body in different ways. YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THE SAME WORKOUT TWICE, It’s important to keep your body guessing. And that’s how I’ll keep you moving so you can keep improving. Variation is key to change and development, so I design each workout based on your goals and the movements + variations used during our previous session. In December of 2018 I sent all of my clients a survey. When asked – “How many NEW exercises would you say you have learned and performed while working with Coach Vick?” 75% of clients I coached in 2018 answered – “Too many to remember”.


You no longer have to worry about doing the same old workout, all I ask you for is your effort. You control your effort and your effort determines how fast you progress. Both in the gym + in life. Transforming your body requires an incredible amount of effort and determination. Together we can reach your goals –