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A collection of photographs from my first year with a digital camera. In 2018, I had the opportunity to cover multiple music and sporting events around Rochester. Each photograph in this collection was shot with a Cannon EOS 6D digital camera and edited in Adobe Lightroom. I named my collection MOMENTS IN MODERN NOSTALGIA because my goal as an artist is to capture moments that live forever. This is for my hometown, the city I love – this is ROCHESTER, NEW YORK.


Rochester, NY is HOME. I’m an original Kodak kid, I was a student-athlete and musician for more than half of my life; Now I’m an entrepreneur. I frequent college campuses and I’ve been to more city events than your favorite food truck. When Ron Brancato recreated his Metropolis rendition of Rochester’s skyline, that was me on the bike; Racing to the next stage at the International Jazz Festival. All for the thrill of the MOMENT. With virtually no experience using a digital camera, having completed 0 credits in digital arts courses, these photographs chronicle the unforgettable moments that helped me become my city’s newest shooter.

Back in April of 2018 my brother called to ask me what I thought about taking pictures for the Rochester Flag Football League. “I’d love to..” I said without a doubt. And for the next 11 weeks there I was, walking the field holding my Cannon 6D, keeping a close eye on the ball, adjusting my settings according to the weather; Trying to catch the perfect shot like every game was the Super-Bowl.

Then in July of 2018, I was asked to shoot for the cities 5th annual ROC THE PARK MUSIC FESTIVAL. It was my first time shooting music instead of sports; An entire music festival at that. And there I was, walking MLK Memorial Park at Manhattan Square like it was the 50 yard line; capturing music moments in the summer sun. 

The rest is history, I picked up a camera in April and shot until December. Now I can say my photographs will live forever. I plan to shoot even more events this year; The next time you visit Rochester make sure you get around to experience the the food, the music and the people, my people.

I love my city – this is ROCHESTER, NEW YORK