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Hey it’s Coach Vick, and I want to personally invite you to take a trip to my world. You’re going to need to switch your device to Airplane Mode to get here. But I promise it’s a place you want to go; It’s called Vitality.


There is a reason why you won’t see me posing in the mirror just to show you that I’m cut – or why you won’t ever see me flexing to show you I got an 8-pack – SMH yall are so lame. What I mean by ‘no phones in the gym’ is no calls, no emails, no texts, no selfies, no notifications. Go ahead, switch to the next song but consider your gym time sacred because the truth is −  you don’t need a smart phone to get in the best shape of your life. I promise you don’t.


I started lifting in the 10th grade. The man who taught me how was my football Coach. Coach Cap was cool, he rode a black motorcycle and he was built like Hercules. Ask ANYONE from my high school! Anyways – Coach was the example in the gym, a true role-model and someone my teammates and I could learn from; Knowing that if we followed directions we too could get big. But the most important thing I learned from Coach was, NO PHONES IN THE GYM! And when Hercules tells you no phones in the gym – He better not see no phones. From that moment on, I was programmed; No phones in the gym.


Fast forward 15 years – I still don’t respond to notifications while I’m at the gym. I do use the Seconds timer app for the Time Under Tension & Metabolic Training I do. I also have a multitude of gym-ready playlists that include music and motivation clips that I play but I am unavailable during a set of exercise. 


It’s 2021 – And a large population of the world live digitally on mobile devices. Some of us can’t go 90 minutes without checking for a notification. Our technology has found effective ways to speed us up, convincing us we are more efficient while using our devices ALL the time. While this may be true, our smart devices aren’t smart enough to turn off notifications when it’s gym time.


There are (3) really important things we all need to pay attention to instead of our phones at the gym. #1: Your level of focus; can you be present and complete the task at hand without distraction? #2: Your breathing; Are you supplying your body with enough oxygen to endure the rigor of exercise? #3: Your effort; This will determine how quickly you progress and no one has more control over that than you do. So please, don’t be that person at the gym, on their phone, sitting on a piece of equipment someone else could be using. My suggestion, is that we go ‘ Airplane Mode ‘ when we get to the gym – No calls, no emails, no texts, no selfies, no notifications…NO PHONES IN THE GYM